Antitrust deposition and Social Distancing

This crisis has made us adapt in unforeseen ways. I attended today the webinar "Litigation Tactics for Social Distancing: The Remote Deposition" that was organized by American Bar Association (ABA), Antitrust Law Section, and I would like to share some points that were made. The components and the requirements for a remote deposition were already in … Continue reading Antitrust deposition and Social Distancing

SSRN Top Ten

I am happy to share that my paper "Cost Efficiencies and Upward Pricing Pressure" with Tarun Sabarwal has made Top Ten List at SSRN. The paper is available at the following link: Happy reading! #tops #shares #costefficiency #antitrust #antitrustlaw #industrialorganization #mergersandacquisitions #mergers #economics

Women in Statistics and Data Sciences

I am pleased to announce that I will be heading to Cincinnati on October 18-20th for the 2018 edition of the Women in Statistics and Data Sciences Conference. I am extremely grateful to the American Statistical Association for selecting me for their travel award. I look forward to presenting my paper "Cost Efficiencies and Upward … Continue reading Women in Statistics and Data Sciences

The optimal size to be…

There are many ways to attempt to answer the question of "What is the optimal size for my business?" Today I will present you with a simple economic model that might help shed light in this conundrum. Suppose you are choosing between three different store fronts: Space x, space y and space z. Individually, they … Continue reading The optimal size to be…

How teaching prepares you for a non-academic job

As an educator at the University of Kansas, I developed a number of skills that are highly transferable to  life outside of academia, and that's our topic for the day. What goes into preparing a course? Most students take for granted the class they are taken as if the class has always existed and that … Continue reading How teaching prepares you for a non-academic job

Cover Girl

I am incredibly happy to announce that not only that my work was mentioned at the AMSTATNEWS Magazine from the American Statistical Association, I was also featured on the cover. If you would like access to the full magazine, click here. I am incredibly grateful to the American Statistical Association (ASA) and for the Women … Continue reading Cover Girl

With Honors!!!

I am glad to announce my dissertation proposal was presented on December 1st 2017 and approved with Honors!!! A special thanks to my advisor, Dr. Tarun Sabarwal, as well as to my amazing committee members: Dr. David Slusky, Dr. Paul Johnson, Dr. José Azar and Dr. Jianbo Zhang! My dissertation will be looking at some … Continue reading With Honors!!!