Antitrust deposition and Social Distancing

This crisis has made us adapt in unforeseen ways. I attended today the webinar "Litigation Tactics for Social Distancing: The Remote Deposition" that was organized by American Bar Association (ABA), Antitrust Law Section, and I would like to share some points that were made. The components and the requirements for a remote deposition were already in … Continue reading Antitrust deposition and Social Distancing

SSRN Top Ten

I am happy to share that my paper "Cost Efficiencies and Upward Pricing Pressure" with Tarun Sabarwal has made Top Ten List at SSRN. The paper is available at the following link: Happy reading! #tops #shares #costefficiency #antitrust #antitrustlaw #industrialorganization #mergersandacquisitions #mergers #economics

Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference 2017

I have just presented my paper Incorporating Cost Efficiencies into Upward Pricing Pressure at the Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference 2017. I received some wonderful feedback and constructive criticism. A special thanks to Prof. Jannett Highfill from Bradley University for her insightful comments. Next presentation will be on November 8th in which I will offer a seminar at The … Continue reading Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference 2017

Should Antitrust Agencies be Concerned about Limit Pricing?

Limit Pricing is a fascinating yet widely unexplored concept in economics classes. When teaching our students about how monopolists and/or firms with market power make their decision regarding output and prices, it usually follows a simple premise - firms choose the level of output to maximize profits, which occurs where marginal revenue equals marginal cost, … Continue reading Should Antitrust Agencies be Concerned about Limit Pricing?