Cover Girl

I am incredibly happy to announce that not only that my work was mentioned at the AMSTATNEWS Magazine from the American Statistical Association, I was also featured on the cover. If you would like access to the full magazine, click here. I am incredibly grateful to the American Statistical Association (ASA) and for the Women … Continue reading Cover Girl

Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference 2017

I have just presented my paper Incorporating Cost Efficiencies into Upward Pricing Pressure at the Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference 2017. I received some wonderful feedback and constructive criticism. A special thanks to Prof. Jannett Highfill from Bradley University for her insightful comments. Next presentation will be on November 8th in which I will offer a seminar at The … Continue reading Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference 2017

Women in Statistics and Data Sciences

This past week I had the opportunity to join some of the finest women in the world in a conference organized by the American Statistical Association. I presented my paper "Cross-Market Unilateral Effects of Mergers on Multimarket Oligopolies" and received some valuable feedback and encouragement from attendees. I can't wait to get back to work … Continue reading Women in Statistics and Data Sciences