This may sound to you like a pretty philosophical question, but I would like to go mathematical for a minute (bear with me)…then yeah, let’s get philosophical (because observation can only take you so far…let us reason through it too). Any intro to statistics or probability courses will start with a coin being thrown up in … Continue reading IS THE WORLD RANDOM?

The untouchable dimension “Time”

How often do you catch yourself or somebody else saying the phrase: "I have no time". Having no time per se isn't particularly different then saying: I have no space, in which we often refer to something that doesn't fit. The whole human experience in this planet is severely underlined by the whole concept of … Continue reading The untouchable dimension “Time”

Externality and Trees

Externality is an Economic concept that arises whenever private parties fail to perceive some implicit cost or benefit due to the decisions they make. Is one of the forms of "Market Failure" that we encounter in our daily lives (i.e. situations in which market allocation won't result in a socially optimal result), and the main reason … Continue reading Externality and Trees

What if life only really has two days…

Mark Twain once said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” If that truly is the case, we should probably design our lives to indeed pursuing the epiphany of what makes us unique, our purpose among other human beings, our purpose … Continue reading What if life only really has two days…

PhD – The Transition from Consumption to Production

Getting a PhD is no easy task. I've never deluded myself into thinking so, after all, doctorate degrees aren't offered as cereal box prizes. I knew it would be hard, what I hadn't realized up until this point is the fundamental reason why becoming a doctor is so essentially harder than any other degree. Our … Continue reading PhD – The Transition from Consumption to Production